Art Enrichment is a parent-led program encouraging cultural appreciation and the exploration of selected books in the classroom.

Book of the Quarter

At the beginning of each quarter, a carefully selected book is shared throughout the school to create conversation regarding the themes and values we hold at JBE. Each class is tasked to create an artifact during the year, which is showcased at the bottom of the front staircase. Art Enrichment is a great way to spark discussion on these books and reflect students’ ideas.

Assigned dates and book descriptions are available here.

Cultural Appreciation

The purpose of our Cultural Appreciation is to recognize various cultures represented within our school and beyond. It is designed to bring awareness as well as to celebrate and appreciate differences. Each month a different culture will be recognized. Parents of different cultures are welcome to speak with students in their child’s class about their culture. Teams can be used for virtual presentations, if virtual is more convenient for presenters.
The goals of multicultural education include:
· Creating a safe, accepting, and successful learning environment for all.
· Increasing awareness of global issues.
· Strengthening cultural consciousness.
· Strengthening intercultural awareness.
· Teaching students that there are multiple historical perspectives.
· Encouraging critical thinking.
· Preventing prejudice and discrimination.

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